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The modern symbolic cities of nouns, verbs, math equations, biochemistry molecule formula of the SYMBOLIC ARMY. The physics microsoft BALMER series emission mission ERROR of Seatttle. The INTERNET symbol, graphics war with bio-computer HUMANS.

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How the Poynting VECTOR battle is actualized VIA conflict with Pyongyang


Super-symmetry physics with parallels and mirrors provides conceptual tools to understanding  the EARTH's multi-faceted expressions of existence.

Looking at a John Brandenburg physics  book ...  I was reminded of some possible concepts .... about electromagnetic field CITIES, …

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The Austin IRS --> Infra-Red Spectrum war explained by the Joe Stack message EVENT.


Diagnostics of SNe Ia from IR Spectra

by JC Wheeler - 2009 - Cited by 86 - Related articles
Explosion Diagnostics of Type Ia Supernovae from Early Infrared Spectra. J. CRAIG WHEELER, PETER ... Department of Astronomy,

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The half-life of uranium 235 SAMPLE --> Sam Hengel


The modern Margaret  Mead atomic  social science wars are well-known. Newspapers publish the atomic expression EVENTS that get the most attention ...tragic events.

 In Europe, the  physical tragedy on the island of  UTOEYA  paralleled the mathematical-physics island of symbol…

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The Albuquerque, New Mexico astronomy WAR explained


The Solar System has 9 planets…equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth……is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with gravity computer systems, la…

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