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The modern symbolic cities of nouns, verbs, math equations, biochemistry molecule formula of the SYMBOLIC ARMY. The physics microsoft BALMER series emission mission ERROR of Seatttle. The INTERNET symbol, graphics war with bio-computer HUMANS.

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Gulf of Tonkin continuation 

The amino acid Bode murder PLOT of the NIL, Cole Hall shooting

1)   The LAX linear algebra and K,L,M principle quantum number
HIERARCHY PROBLEM results in LAX airport shooting

2)   Year 2014 Nitrogen

3)   Transaction Hierarchy - Atomic social psychology

4)   The Lac operon biochemistry battle at the Base 16 FAA Lost Angeles LAX airport terminal

5)    The Nitrogen Oxygen continuum war on EARTH

6)    Herbert Spencer and the atomic/ molecular sequence of co-existences explained
with the Naval Research event of the U.S.COLE.

7)   The Isaac Newton color prism optical WAR casualties

8)   How the Poynting VECTOR battle is actualized VIA conflict with Pyongyang

9)   The Austin IRS --> Infra-Red Spectrum war explained by the Joe Stack message EVENT.

10)                  The half-life of uranium 235 SAMPLE --> Sam Hengel

11)                  The Albuquerque, New Mexico astronomy WAR explained

12)                  Atomic Business Conflict - Pierce the Corporate Veil

13)                  The atomic English language orbitals of the senorita , sorority girls, and
Italian women and the symbolic messages they SEND to Pier Oddone.


Other SCIENCE WAR  reporting site

The Tesla EARTH EM field maps LINK to geography AC(Res) maps


The city of electricity electron TRIAL of O.J.Simpson


The Tesla WARS in Yugoslavia in years 1992 thru 1998


Nikoli Tesla AC battle in the EARTH circuit ground state of Illinois ACRES


The Earth SYMBOL MACHINE and its Tesla SYMBOL ENGINE help explain university classroom shootings.


Tesla EARTH AC and the hydroelectric power SUPREME COURT decision.


President Kennedy assassinated in the EARTH systems Tesla copper AC circuit wars with CUBA


Earth boy, Sam Hengel, killed in the Tesla EARTH sin wave WARS in Wisconsin


The Tesla earth ECHO signature of Czechoslovakia in Europe.


Nat King Cole atomic song signal is ignored ..... the Cole Hall tragedy


The water molecule continuum and water molecule homing instinct experiments with UW, Madison, Wisconsin


The carbon dioxide molecule continuum MURDER process and its social engineering WAR message to society.


The Nichols plot technique and the Nichols murder plot at NIL, Cole Hall oceangraphy class..


The organic molecule Supreme Court Hierarchy Problem results in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson





The atomic data processing LANGUAGE secrets of the

16 OZ bottle of Coke and Dr. Pepper


LAX Base 16 HEX'FAA' vector space shooting


Wisconsin state assembly and their bio-computer

brain programming programs


The Los Angeles air port COMPUTER SCIENCE battle


The Computer Earth system 370 WAR with Plano, Texas

computer programmers


The water molecule MOLECULAR computer configuration


Nature's bio-computer system DEMO with the Missouri Lutheran Synod



The quantum Computer Earth system 370 uses Wisconsin I/O LAND

ports and the atomic wave mechanics of Lake Michigan



Human bio-computer memory used for PUBLIC STORAGE ...

a cause of the Alzheimer's memory problem



The Base 16 hexadecimal Dirac matrices WAR



The acetylcholine transmission English language WAR casualties

at Virginia TECH



The BAL time boundary WAR revealed by the

2007 Balad, IRAQ airplane crash



2007 Africa One crash near Zimbabwe impedance zone



Milwaukee - Ballerina in Death's Head




Another reporting site


Waco --> Wa + Co --> Water Continuum war in Texas


The Wisconsin axon map of the EARTH brain system using the geography surface of the living EARTH cells.


The biochemistry Lac operand SYMBOL expressions using proper nouns on the geography surface of the living EARTH cell


The Charles Law violations of Virginia TECH result in Norris Engineering Hall shooting battle


E2 Nightclub – ENZYME Dance of Death


The Double Hell of the Korean War , year 1953, and the emergence of the Double Helix


Thermodynamic Properties of the Elements of Style by William Strunk


DNA Guanine Adenine - Grocery Store Price 99 centrifugal cents


Max Planck and the Wisconsin TIME HIGHWAY I-43


Project Plan Z and the Science Wars.