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The Charles Darwin .... Boston HUMAN RACE trial and its ERRORS of OMISSION contibutes to the DEATH SENTENCE governemnt approved ... sequence of deaths


Rd-blog-number-6009 by Herb Zinser reviews the newspaper reports about the Nature and the  human race BRAIN symbol processor  EVOLUTION wars.


A sequence of  newspaper reports over several years clearly establishs the pattern of information CLUES that point to Nature's war  with   …

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The beer hematology coded message of President Obama, Gates, and Crowley

Rd-blog-number-5661 by Herb Zinser reviews the hematology conference in Washington, DC hosted by President Obama.



Hematology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hematology, also spelled haematology (from the Greek …

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Department of Energy - WAR of Currents

RD-blog-number-5099 by Herb Zinser reviews the WAR of CURRENTS  annnouncement by the Department of Energy  ...  and the various war casualties.


The War of the Currents: AC vs. DC Power | Department of ...

United States Department of E…

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The Earth Z-axis and complex number Z and their Zbigniew military alliance



CONAN: President Carter's national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, joins us now to give us an insider's look at what happened and to tell us about …

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The Mary and L.SB. Leakey social anthropology blood LEAK

RD-blog-number-4411 by Herb Zinser reviews the biochemistry social engineering WARS on planet EARTH.

A major INFORMATION SOURCE about Nature's military systems comes from the LEAKEY social anthropology battles with the key identifier code --> Leakey --> subset words --> Leak key --> information LEAK …

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Wisconsin soybeans and the residue math function casualties in Illinois

Rd-blog-number-1238 by Herb Zinser reviews the farm industry and their  harvest of mathematical-physics  EARTH LANGUAGE data. Of particular interest is the  Nikola Tesla EARTH resonance wave  MATH  data  from the geography states of  Wisconsin and Illinois.


Let's look at another blog pos…

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Atomic gentics PCB thought control systems

RD-blog-number-1218 by herb Zinser reviews the evolution of gene thought control systems and atomic thought control element  with TC = 43 (atomic number),

Nature's signal from Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. California provided empirical data about the evolution of the periodic atomic table and i…

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The Joel Robbin mathematical logic mystery of Sterling Hall

Rd-blog-number-4173 by Herb Zinser reviews conceptual mathematical logic applications with the University of Wisconsin math agent --> Joel Robbin.

Of particular  interest in this  post .. is the Sterling Hall bombing and its more TRUE NATURE.  The simple, incomplete explanations about  the tragic s…

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Jeffery Fowles message to FermiLAB

RD-blog-number-4046 by Herb Zinser reviews the  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  ...... Jeffery  Fowles messages for FermiLAB and the  citizen/Federal government.  The signaling EVENT....

Jeffrey Fowle, American held by North Korea, back home ...


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Micheal Brown fails human arm armature test of EARTH's iron core

RD-blog-number -4002 by Herb Zinser reviews the  AC = Alternating Cycle --> ACADEMY AWARDS war zone in Ferguson, Missouri. 

As we all know, the  AC cycle is used in  AC electric motors  and television  EM waves.


For the Nikoli Tesla   AC   electric motor .......



For televisi…

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Brave New World brain control techniques --> Federal Tax Form 1040-EZ

Rd-blog-number-3913 by Herb Zinser reviews Carl Jung collective unconsciousness tricks ..... tricks of the CITIZEN population GROUP MIND  to  manipulate the Central Nervous System 370  abstract brain symbol processor.


First , let review another blog post ....... that covers many concepts.


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Gulf of Tonkin continuation

RD-paper-3837D by Herb Zinser


Analysis of the data reports of the year 1964 Gulf of Tonkin signaling EVENT shows outstanding messages continue to remain unaswered in year 2014.

Let's review some astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth project plan)  messages  for  St.Paul (Dirac),  …

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The amino acid Bode murder PLOT of the NIL, Cole Hall shooting

Rd-blog-number-3797 by Herb Zinser

In year 2014, we have the advantage of a large information database to help us understand EVENTS.

     Let's look at Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE and its word commands upon the human bio-computer symbol processor.


The SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of English l…

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The LAX linear algebra and K,L,M principle quantum number HIERARCHY PROBLEM results in LAX airport shooting



Let's review some background reports and then look at the EARTH quantum problem.

LAX vector space shooting


et's look at the LAX airport shooting ..... the geography region ... known as the  Federal Aviation Administration vector space WAR zone.
Let's review the backg…

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Year 2014 Nitrogen







Interesting atomic business  events are coming up next year .....year 2014.

Looking at the periodic atomic table NEWS announcement  that was on the INTERNET, I saw ..

NRA Show (17-20 May 2014),National Restaurant Association ...


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Transaction Hierarchy - Atomic social psychology









Let's look at the periodic atomic table and its Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and its atomic social science  and  atomic  social psychology publications.

These books help explain the hierarchy of existence .... the various levels of existenc…

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The Lac operon biochemistry battle at the Base 16 FAA Lost Angeles LAX airport terminal


Nature's  biochemistry anger expression EVENTs help scientists understand the architecture of existence .... and the tragic EVENTS provide empirical data for theorists and their MODELS of   the multi-faceted dimensions of  EARTH.  Let's look at the Margaret Mead biochemistry  nu…

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The Nitrogen Oxygen continuum war on EARTH



First, let's outline the Nitrogen atom military expression and then the Oxygen WAR casualties.

The Nitrogen air battle of Nairobi and the Nitrogen CYCLE intellectual ERRORS of the Botany staff of the 14th Dalai Lama


Let's look at nitrogen messages ... nitrogen air  and…

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Herbert Spencer and the atomic/ molecular sequence of co-existences explained with the Naval Research event of the U.S.COLE.


Let's look at  a periodic  atomic table .... atomic mass ......  MASS communications  message  from year 1855.  In year 1855,  mass communications was the publishing industry with newspapers, books, and posters.   Other forms of mass communications were art museums and music con…

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The Isaac Newton color prism optical WAR causalties



Nature's optical military defense systems have been activated to defend the human eye/optical nerve and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic  processor from the Department of Energy's  incomplete approval of the modern light bulbs.


We have the confli…

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