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The modern symbolic cities of nouns, verbs, math equations, biochemistry molecule formula of the SYMBOLIC ARMY. The physics microsoft BALMER series emission mission ERROR of Seatttle. The INTERNET symbol, graphics war with bio-computer HUMANS.

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The half-life of uranium 235 SAMPLE --> Sam Hengel


The modern Margaret  Mead atomic  social science wars are well-known. Newspapers publish the atomic expression EVENTS that get the most attention ...tragic events.

 In Europe, the  physical tragedy on the island of  UTOEYA  paralleled the mathematical-physics island of symbols, equations and,  concepts ...... thus UTOEYA  <--->  UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything.      Thus the INTELLECTUAL battles  in Europe and the United States  get transformed into a parallel physical battle .... a violent event.   Thus we see a relationship between symbolic life and symbolic wars -----> biology life and physical wars.
This CAUSE and EFFECT process  has existed for a long time, and explains some situations.


Let's look at the half-life of  BOY SCOUT Sam Hengel and his interactions experiences with the periodic atomic table of life .....  which is overseen by  Wisconsin universities  and the Office of Science.

The tragic event  DISPLAY illustrates 2  major concepts ...that have penetrated the   atomic social science psyche.

Let's look at signal 23, half-life, and the 23 decay chain as DISPLAYED on the geography surface of Earth ..... EARTH the living atomic cell.


Hostage situation at Marinette High School

Host        situation atoM       High School --> for univeristy graduate students


Nov 30, 2010 – A hostage situation is now over at Marinette High School where 23 students and a teacher had been held hostage by a 15-year-old student for more than five hours Monday


What is the message?

The periodic atomic table of elements of life  is  like a  main frame system 370 computer.  It is the HOST  and other entities are subsets relative to the HOST frame of reference.    As atomic, biophysics humanoids .... we are subsets living within  Nature's vast atomic  existential continuum ...the atomic HOST and humans are like guests living within the 11-dimensions of applied string theory.


Sending Spooled Files from a Mainframe to an IBM System i using ...

  • www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid...
    Jul 5, 2009 – Sending Spooled File from Mainframe to System i Products Has Incorrect Format ... data from a host system to a printer, or from one host system to another, ... Send AFPDS Spooled Files from an IBM System/370 Mainframe to ...
  • Hercules

    Feb 21, 2008 – IBM S/370 and ESA/390 ... Business Machines System/370 and Extended System Architecture/390 mainframe hardware which runs under ... Some of the material is hosted elsewhere and I simply provide a link to the host site.
  • ibm.ms

    This paper also discusses the use of a large mainframe UNIX system for this development. ... Since its introduction by IBM in 1970, System/370 [2] has become the ..... raw-mode programs, such as screen editors,
    from the System/370 host
    from the System/370 host  ...for human bio-computers we have
    the body System 37.o degrees Celsius temperature processor




The term "host" is used in several contexts, in each of which it has a slightly different meaning:

3) In IBM and perhaps other mainframe computer environments, a host is a mainframe computer (which is now usually referred to as a "large server"). In this context, the mainframe has intelligent or "dumb" workstations attached to it that use it as a host provider of services. (This does not mean that the host only has "servers" and the workstations only have "clients." The server/client relationship is a programming model independent of this contextual usage of "host.")


Hostage situation at Marinette High School

Host        situation atoM       High School --> for univeristy graduate students


Nov 30, 2010 – hostage situation is now over at Marinette High School where 23 students and a teacher had been held hostage by a 15-year-old student for more than five hours Monday




Let's look at modern atomic social anthropology SECRETS of the United States  .... and Nature's modern signal processing methods.



Hostage situation at Marinette High School

Host        situation atoM       High School --> for univeristy graduate students


Nov 30, 2010 – hostage situation is now over

at  Marinette High School where 23 students .... for more than five hours..,,signal
atoM...............23..............   5  ...ur 

235 U

Detailed decay information for the isotope Uranium235 including decay chains and daughter products.

... 235U, Half-life, Fermion, 92p 143n, title icon. 7.04×108 ...
Let's look at the  citizen/government approved   SCIENCE experiment  in using Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family concepts.
The   EARTH LAB  human specimen  chosen sample --- >

in this case ....for the half-life of symbolic life within the atomic human brain  symbolic processor with bio-computer memory .....  
the sample --> 6 alphabet letters  of the  living language --> WORD with 6 letters ....    sample = sam + ple.
Sample  = 3 letters + 3  letters = sam + ple.
For Darwinian optimization of signal recognition .....we have the selection assignment between symbols and physical biology REALITY. 
the symbol world  ( Sam + ple) ---> maps to physical biology world --> Sam  + ple (police subset letters ple) 
Thus we have Nature's sample space in puppet string theory with the Marionette puppet theater performance  in Marinette, Wisconsin.
Thus the half-life of the WORD---> SAMPLE --> 1/2 of   word SAMPLE  --> SAM   ...... thus Uncle SAM  and the government  approved  experiments found SAM Hengel an  ideal specimen ...for 23 hostages 5 hours (atomic host platform  ... the deeper underlying   levels of REALITY ).
Thus the Darwinian  atomic selection of atomic humanoid expressors   ...that is OS  = Origin of Species  WAR    with the  OS = Office of Science.
The living half-life picture of Nature's agent:

Marinette hostage-taker was Boy Scout, popular

www.jsonline.com › NewsWisconsin
Nov 30, 2010 – Marinette — By all accounts, Samuel Hengel was a nice kid. Good student, loved to hunt and fish, well-liked,
a Boy Scout, even-keeled, plenty ...
  • Uranium - Arg  National Laboratory

    Uranium - Argument National Laboratory

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    several isotopes: primarily uranium-238,
     uranium-235, and a very small amount of ... emitting an alpha particle.
    The  atomic mass  235  ...mass communications signal ....... the the atomic ENGLISH alphabet newspaper  particle of information about  modern atomic society.  For the scientists .....mass communications (television, radio, print)   is really atomic mass communications.

    Update Marinette High School hostage taker Samuel Hengel dies ...

    Dec 1, 2010 – Samuel Hengel,
    the high school sophomore had shot a film projector and

    ... Samuel had held a teacher and 23 students hostage for five hours.


The message projector ........  from  the periodic  atomic table LEVEL of existence. 
The INTERNAL atomic social science  policy messages  and atomic social engineering ERROR signals   are amplified/ enlarged  to a  large sized EXTERNAL visual display format  on the Earth's geography land surface    using atomic bio-physics humanoid output display devices as messengers ... as expressors  ...
as actors in the atomic thought and atomic behavior  performance.



Let's look at the 23 chain of events  ....... the decay chain.

The decay of Milwaukee and its universities,  corporations, and citizens.

Signal  23 with  atomic anthropology police -->  Byran Norberg and Kunish.

Hispanic News Network U.S.A.: 2 Officers Shot In South Side ...

Jun 11, 2009 – Milwaukee - Two police officers were shot multiple times on ... his bicycle on the 900 block of S. 2nd St. by Officers Bryan Norberg, 21, and Graham ... the 1000 block of S. 3rd St. The owner of the home noticed the door leading ...
The alphabet symbol S --> graphic arts equivalence to number 5.
Thus the above newspaper message ... 
2nd + 3rd ST  --> subset symbols 2 3 S  --> substitute equivalent --> 235 signal.

Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications - iasted

This conference will act as a major forum for international researchers and practitioners working in

all areas of signal processing, pattern recognition and ...
Below, we have the geography area  STREET SIGNAL 23  ..... related to the Norberg  geography  STREET signal 23.

Court Allows Lawsuit Against Badger Guns To Go Forward - Brady ...

Jun 9, 2011 – In the lawsuit filed December 6, 2010, Milwaukee police officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch allege that Badger Guns sold the gun ...

Thus we have the University of Wisconsin , Milwaukee  involved as  an atomic material witness in the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology DEMO ...with the range of  atomic message code 2339 --> the range from 233 to 239 of  social isotopes(t)  problems in Milwaukee society.

Isotopes of uranium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Uranium-233 is made from thorium-232 by neutron bombardment. ... Contents. 1 Uranium-232; 2 Uranium-239; 3 Table ...

Uranium-239 is an isotope of uranium.





Milwaukee police officers Bryan Norberg  and street  code 23S  --> 235 -->
the Milwaukee intellectual   street dance of bull-explanations of EVENTS 

a CAUSE  --> EFFECT   ......the next event in the decay chain of  intellectual society.


Decay Chains - Nuclear Forensic Search Project 

( nuclear social sciences  project  projection )

The details in decay chain (symbol, atomic mass, number of protons, half-life, decay ... Beginning with the naturally-occurring isotope U-235, this decay series ...







Milwaukee system signaling  code ..... Bryan Norberg  and street  code 23S  --> 235

next SIGNAL range  233 TO 239 .......Brazil Night dance   WITH heat released


Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills At Least 233 People (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Jan 27, 2013 – SANTA MARIA, Brazil -- A fast-moving fire roared through a crowded, windowless nightclub in southern Brazil early Sunday, filling the air in ...


Message signal 233 to  Milwaukee  ....  233  dead --> 2339 --> 2nd ,  3rd  Street near

Bradley TECH high school.
Br  --> Byran  ....... advances in atomic brain thought technology
Bradely TECH

Bra --> Brave New World with Aldous Huxley

Brazil  and its role in the EARTH system map and its LINKS


Thus we see these inter-related situations provide EARTH LAB  empirical data for theorist   ... that atomic humanoids are included in the Department  of Energy  oversight of atomic entities.   The Department of Energy  under orders  from the citizen/federal  government has looked the other way ... ... at atomic humanoid violations of the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature ....as suggested long ago by Plato, John Locke, etc.


Various concept tools are important.
GUT --> the project started in year 1453 with the printing press --> Grand Unified Theory

TOE --> Time Order Entry with the H.G.WElls  TIME Machine  ..... Nature's the TIME COMPUTER project  from year 1900 to the  2000 TIME boundary ... .. giving the TOE = Theory of Everything.

Super-symmetry physics and mirrors and parallelism  ...provide additional ideas  ..... that help us understand   signal 23 --> 235  ...a message to the social science  world. 






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