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The modern symbolic cities of nouns, verbs, math equations, biochemistry molecule formula of the SYMBOLIC ARMY. The physics microsoft BALMER series emission mission ERROR of Seatttle. The INTERNET symbol, graphics war with bio-computer HUMANS.

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The atomic English language orbitals of the senorita , sorority girls, and Italian women and the symbolic messages they SEND to Pier Oddone.


The basic  study of the periodic atomic table of elements  of life provides some CLUES about the NATURE  of life on Earth  ...... that is social life,  romantic affairs,  political science ,  economic and business, etc.  This is known as  modern Margaret Mead nuclear family activities...... atomic social sciences. atomic social psychology, atomic political science, etc.

A high school education with basic algebra, plane geometry, physics, and chemistry  provides the foundation needed to understand the modern
_ARTICLES of the Constitution of year 1776    ...better worded in modern times ....
PARTICLES of the Constitution of the United States of the 

soil/ land /geography STATE regions  and
States of MIND   and
Quantum States   and
Markov Probability Transition States  and
Decision Theory STATES of Nature  and
Engineering Process Control System STATES .........................................

all valid ..under the definition of the word  -->  UNITED  .....  an algebraic UNION of  various types of existence that comprise the multi-faceted nature of  NORTH AMERICA.    Abe Lincoln clearly stated  ...in the algebra  war of set theory functions   ...... SAVE the  UNION (of  algebra sets  of geography STATES  and STATES of MIND/ thoughts in years 1860 thru 1865 ).

PARTICLES of the Constitution and their thoughts are expressed VIA larger sized atomic bio-physics humanoid messengers.  

Let's look at the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family .... that is atomic social anthropology .....and let's look at a few of the social science  languages of that nuclear family that expresses itself VIA humanoid messenger AGENTS ...that help amplify and clarify the message thru LAB work, experiments, prototypes,   theories, etc  

We have the atomic  language of Steven Chu at the Department of En  = English languages  and their   Energy;  
AND, the special FermiLAB atomic English language  based on the Fer = Ferrous oxide atom (IRON) and its 26 proton atomic alphabet of 26 English letters.

The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters – the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:

Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)

The exact shape of printed letters varies depending on the typeface. The shape of handwritten letters can differ significantly from the standard printed form (and between individuals), especially when written in cursive style.

Written English uses a number of digraphs, such as ch, sh, th, wh, qu, etc., but they are not considered separate letters of the alphabet.

Written physics textbooks uses a number of  SECRET atomic  code digraphs, such as  ---> theory  , quantum.

Let continue are  study of atoms  .. ....... using basic college chemsitry and physics textbooks.

Let's look at the FermiLAB  Pier ODD integer series that starts with ONE = 1 , 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 etc

Fermilab's 2009 Nature of Science Symposium

Fermilab Director Pier Oddone was born in Peru and speaks fluent Spanish and Italian.
He graduated from MIT and received a  Ph.D. in physics from Princeton

What does the above  description of the gentleman state?

MIT -->  1st we note that he is from the Galapagos Islands evolution region which includes  PERU and went to MIT ...thereby a demonstarion of the living EARTH cell system interface with  human expressor/messenger agents
...of the transport process -->

Biochemistry I:    Mitochondrial Transport Systems   from Peru to Mit signal processing region ...the ROC = Region of Convergence of  Mitochondria with  primordial  LINKS to the atomic evolution expressions of the Galpaogos as described by Charles Darwin.  Said   AGENT  affirmed his mission identity  by his eventual  proximity   to  the Darwin  geography signal  SITE of  St Charles (Darwin), Illinois  and Senator  Proxmire of Wisconsin. 
 Below, is the ST.Charles (Darwin)  atomic evolution research  region with FermiLAB .....a  BATCH of human specimens that  NATURE has gathered from around the world .....  thus the BATCH of thinkers at  Batavia.

Above, the atomic signals are:
- the EARTH geo-physics iron core ...atomic mass 56 .....atomic information  HIGHWAY  56  to   an IRON MAN agent on   location on the geography surface of EARTH   .... hence, Fer = ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics at Fer = FermiLAB.

The Office of s Science and FermiLAB do not acknowledge this possibility of Nature's  systems architecture  ...... of the LINK bewteen the EARTH iron core, the North Pole magnetic data fields of Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory, and the iron Hemoglobin  proteins within the  bio-physics  human.
ATOMIC thought identifier equation
---> professor = pro + fe + essor = 26 protons ferrouss oxide 26 electron sub-shell orbits ..

 --->   Spanish     has a few  major properties that theory predicts. 

SPanish -- >  S  & P   an = S + P atomic number  of electrons 

SPanish --> S & P  500 and the  atomic expresion VIA  economics/ financial systems of corporate proxy votes 
What is the atomic secret of a proxy = pro + oxy = protons oxygen  ....such as the atoms/molcules and their financial system thoughts   we breath into the human   LUNG.   Thus we have hexadecimal Base 16   oxygen  atomic mass  16 atomic computer.

Spanish  explains =  Span + is +  hex = Spanned data records  + information systems  hexadecimal  Base 16

spanish ---> s , p  subshells  of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  speak/write in Spanish directly OR  must be translated from  Spanish to English using the official atomic computer translator Z.

spanish senorita ---> a fe = ferrous oxide atomic fe=female atomic entity existing in the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family...atomic existential space/time entities ...... thus  the male from PERU  ...pier ODD + one   sent on  a secret  Galapagos mission on origins  with   Einstein's special relativity and special atomic anthropology relatives   .....
the  spanish senorita
.......s,p subshells senorita = sen + orita --> send orbital  --> send  or.BIT.al
0r.bit.al  -->
0r =      send  and/or  math truth table logic 
bit = data bit format for the standard computer science understanding  
al = alphabets(language words /nouns ) , algebra of  atomic geography map ..Algeria, algortihms (vice-president Al Gore)

How did Pier ODD + One do this in his subconscious mind.   Nature's project  is so secret ...that it has NOT surfaced to a level of consciousness at the University of Chicago and other institutions.   But then, maybe they  don't care to study it.

Is Pier an intellectual  prisoner in odd intger math space ...odd integer orbitals  1, 3, 5,7 , 9?  The Universities will not help him   ...because that requires intelllectual effort on their   PART  ---> PART.icles of serious thought inside
their  em = elctromagnetic pt =pointer y (em.pt.y) atomic bio-physics brain.  

Let's look at the math integer Z  intinuum = odd (1,3,5,7 )  and even integers (2,4,6,8).

The Department of Energy has EVEN St.even Chu in control of even integers (2,4,6,) and
the Office of Science  agent  Pier ODD ( One=1 , 3, 5 ,7,  ) . Thinking they have   monopoly  control OVER Nature's  mathematical-physics  integer continuum..... they happily ignore  the  REALTY of Nature's vast intellect and it's military alliance with the  Milky Way Galactic  powers  VIA the Galapagos ISlands.     

Let's look at the  powers of  math integer GODDESS = G + ODD --> Group ODD  integers.

Agent Pier ODD --> mission parameters --> Pierce the ODD world of the math GODDESS.
Well, between the spanish senorita  and  the GODDESS ..... he had a   tought intellectual maze to pass thru.

In addition , the Pier and   atomic      
Italian  language ....women ...algebra subset
Ital...........guage.....wo........ expanded 

orb.ITA  L  ....guage....two --> 2 languages

1)  traditional lan. guage  and
2) the new .....lan. gauge theory 

 The the  orbital ITAL.IAN language and the atomic geography map  country
..... orb. ital   and the  atomic geometry coordinates (x,y,z), 

.....orb.ital.y   ...with only one of the geometry dimensions   ....y coordinate



spanish --> s,p  subshells used spanned data record format and communications protocol .....
of the periodic atoms table
COL = COLUMNS   + Lu (Logical unit)  + Member of a PDS (Partitioned Data SEt) + data Bus.

Thus the equation represented by Col. Lu + MB + Bus = Columbus of COMPUTER EARTH  year 1492 with human bio-computer navigator SIGNALS. 

Spanish history tells us some  SECRET truths of the people and their atomic bio-physics social science language.     

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. ... Later King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella gave Columbus three ships, a crew of about ninety men, ...

In year 2012 ...we have King Fer---> inFER   logic --> King FermiLAB  with Queen IS.

Let's look at the Queen -->  Que  + en --> Queue   en = english and energy  VIA  the well-known  equation   ...known to 
Cavendish LABS  and their  atomic bio-physics  Fe = ferrous oxide  atom Fe= Female Queen Elizabeth  --> Queen El + li=  = Elements  language interface  ...... thus we see the role of the IRON LADY,  Prime Minister Margaret (MEAD)  Thatcher as a chemistry interface to the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family.   

The Queen -->  Que  + en --> Queue   en = english and energy

Abobe we...see CLUES to the Department of En   with Steven CHU.

The odd electron orbitals 1,3,5,7 .......describe soldid state electronics and  chemitry reactions and molecule electron structures.

Theory states that EVEN integer  orbits fill the VOIDS  left  between the odd integers in odd integer mathematical-physics space.   Thus the information orbitals... thus  2, 4, 6, 8 ......16  -->  with key numbers for Steven  Chu..
being Base 2 (binary), Base 4, and Base 16 hexdecimal  ....and within  these information orbitals exists  some type of atomic En = English language   ....... probably a subset  of the English langauge used in evryday life in Great Briatain, India, Australia, and North America.

The Department of Energy needs to pay attention to the integrity, WORD of Honor (of symbolic life), and accuracy of the English language that is abused  everywhere .... on televison, on radio, in  politics, in  theology,etc. 
Some Bull-stories are okay,,,they are like puzzles to surmount ........but 90% Bull is detected by the atomic English language quality control processor  .... of  the expressions of Margaret Mead atomic  nuclear family  social policy concepts and ideas.

Thus we have tragic events.....

wave mechanics battles LIKE  the shooting of  mechanics student Jake Gerard  and the Cole Hall OCEANIA class shooting.

The base  16 oxygen atomic mass ORDERED shooting ..bio-computer JOB exceution scheduled for the HEX- DATE of April 16  .....a demo of NEW, Virgin Technology for DARPA  and the Office of Science at Virginia Tech.       

  • The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College

    by TL THOMAS - 1998 - Cited by 19 - Related articles
    The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, ...

  • Thus we see piece to an interesting puzzle about  the  atomic social life  ...... of  entities LIKE:

    -- spanish senorita = s, p  an = alpha/numerica data SEND orita = orbital ----> RECEIVE   ...thus  Pier Oddone is like an atomic football player    ..... RECEIVING the PASS   thrown by those lovely atomic entities.

    -- the ITALIAN language provides  ---->or.....BIT..Italian  T.women  .....as suggested by Galileo  and is 
    16 electrons ...oxygen molecule atomic mass 32 --> Galileo atomic metabolism  signal of YEAR 16. 32   with the astronomy book...."Two Chief World (Trade Center) Systems)'   ............... thus the years 1632  communications signal  from NATURE's 
    atomic  /astrophysic continuum    with  ...in modern math terms with CALTECH agents

    __Tom M. Apostol  (intermediate value theorem)  + Thorne (Celestial Railroad with Haw..thorne) ...
    ATom ...MAP os = organization systems
    of IBM system 360 DOS and system 370 OS/JCL atomic orbital  BANDWITH computers with  360 to 370 plane geometry degrees per circle. 

    Nature's  applied  math....and bio-math expressions

    atomic level -->  intermediate value theorem <---- astrophysics  level  
    ...... continuum  with HUMANS intermediates   

    thus we have King Ferdinad of Spanish heritage  (year 1492) .....and the ARCH DUKE Ferdinand of Austria (year 1914)
    and the Fer --->  Ferrous oxide atomic logic ---> inFer signals ---> FermiLAB  ought notify the  Department  of Energy of their problems  with the Fe = Federal government iron Heme group fe(ii) structures and some of their     in.FER brain  systems  ...... the incompelete / insuffucient social philosophy  and the ommission of Margaret Mead atomic  nuclear family considerations.  

    Finally, we ponder..... whilke in PERU,   Pier Oddone  proabably communicated with  spanish senorita and Italian women  ..obviously, his deep subliminal mind need ....his atomic curosity to do empirical research of the Fe=Ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics Fe= female structures probide by NATURE  ...for such noble atomic social science data gathering events.

    But...some things were  missing  ..he needed  his MIT = MITochondria  atomic bio-chemistry  education AND he needed the North America univeristy campus systems    ... and  proximity to the Carl Jung atomic collective  unconciousness of the Fe = ferrous oxide atoms in Female  format  .....the atomic collective....... the atomic social science LAB GROUP known as the sorority house filled with  Fe = ferrous oxide atomic Fe= Feeelings of  Fe =Females. 

    Thus either directly of indirectly .... such LAB females have been in his presence...in a classroom or a meeting or science confernce  OR  some other professor  ...acquainted with such LAB sopecimens  ...routed the information for the IRON MAN project.

    Senorita  --> sen +orita --> send orbital

    Sorority  -->  S + or  + orit + Y --> s orbit  orbit   y of (x,y,z)    ...and a possible  atomic   Y 2k data stream problem ....the year 2000 TIME BOUNDARY   covers 11 -dimensions of string theory  ..... thus 3 or 4 versions of TIME existence depended on the year 200o fix  of   atomic and biological clocks. Nothing has beeen done  ..except copper-wire computer software programs  were  fixed for the year 200o TIME BOUNDARY.

    Thus the question.  If   part of this  new VIEW /theory is TRUE,    then what?

    The Office of Science ought try modern diplomatic communications theory someday  ...as they continue to ignore the SCIENCE WARS   of the last 15 years   ..... and the  student shooting casualties mount,  accidents increase,  and the Manhattan Project started in 1942/ 1943    and its   Sept 11, 2001  process control FEEDBACK ERROR signal  ....and the  Manhattan Project cover-up by newspapers.         

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