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The modern symbolic cities of nouns, verbs, math equations, biochemistry molecule formula of the SYMBOLIC ARMY. The physics microsoft BALMER series emission mission ERROR of Seatttle. The INTERNET symbol, graphics war with bio-computer HUMANS.

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Atomic Business Conflict - Pierce the Corporate Veil


The periodic atomic table and its  elements of  business  activity has made major inroads in the project:

Piercing the corporate veil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Piercing the corporate veil typically is most effect…

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The atomic English language orbitals of the senorita , sorority girls, and Italian women and the symbolic messages they SEND to Pier Oddone.


The basic  study of the periodic atomic table of elements  of life provides some CLUES about the NATURE  of life on Earth  ...... that is social life,  romantic affairs,  political science ,  economic and business, etc.  This is known as  modern Margaret Mead nuclear family activi…

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